Friday, May 22, 2009

Scratch & Sniff's DEN OF DOOOOM

One of the things I miss most about Nickelodeon and children's channels in general is the lack of crazy wacky messy gameshows. The days of Double Dare, What Would You Do, Global GUTS, Wild & Crazy Kids, Legends Of The Hidden Temple, among many others, have come to close :( greatly saddening me.
From what I've heard though kids gameshows are still popular in the UK (once again the UK wins) and I recently found out about one in the UK that greatly amused me called Scratch & Sniff's Den Of Doom.
Now my friends all know that I'm a fan of morbid humor and combining that with a gameshow, especially with a show aimed for kids, i would find particularly hilarous.

Ok the premise of the show seems simple enough at first. You have five kids on walkways leading out over a pit. They are asked trivia questions by 2 puppet heyenas, and if you miss a question you must step forward a step, until after you miss three questions you are dropped into a bubbling cauldron of green slime below. It's fairly simple as I said, but the slightly morbid side of the show is that the hyenas are trying to EAT the kids. The cauldron of slime the kids fall into is called the Cooking Pot Of Peril, and it is implied after the kid splashed down into it that they are cooked in the bubbling slime and eaten by the hyenas. Now of course you don't actually see the eating, but still the idea is very definately implied. Also sometimes after a kid is dropped into the stuff they will briefly re-emerge and offer a brief funny line about their plight before they sink back into the stuff again. In the end only one kid has a chance to leave the den of doom alive, and if they answer the final question correctly they get an award along with the gift of life haha.
Ok i find this premise hilarous I'm not gonna lie. It's handled very carefully so as not to completly terrify kids, but its still got a dark element that you would expect to find in like Grimm's fairy tales or some other cautionary tale for kids haha.
Now the show unfortunately didnt last very long. (Only 5 episodes were broadcast i believe), so you don't see a whole lot of experimenting going on in the format of the show. It's a shame too cause I think it might have had potential. Now i haven't seen a whole episode yet (i've had to reply on brief youtube clips, and descriptions from other people), but i hope someday to see all of them. Who knows maybe it will develop a cult following and more episodes will be made.
Oh another thing ive noticed about the show, is that parts of it are obviously staged. Now i'm sure the question answering part wasn't staged, but making it look like the kid falls hundreds of feet through the pit would probably have to done seperately from the main show. So yeah thats something else i found kinda unique about it.
Well I just thought i would speak randomly about this as I loved kids gameshows on nickelodeon growing up, and thought I would share this unique take on them, and here are some clips from the show. oh and if anyone ever on the show reads this, let me know what the experience was like haha.

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  1. The show actually had 15 episodes, not 5